Are you a step-parent looking to adopt your step-son or daughter?  Are you a Foster Parent looking to adopt the child that has been placed in your home?  Have you been working with a Licensed Child Placing Agency in Indiana and are looking to finalize the adoption process?  Are you a birth parent thinking about giving your baby up for adoption?

In any of these situations, having an adoption attorney assist you through the adoption process will help you better understand what is legally required to finalize an adoption and maximize the benefits you may receive. Trenna S. Parker Law Office has almost twenty years of experience working for adoptive parents and birth parents.

Our offices have handled dozens of adoptions from step-parent adoption, to private placement adoption to state-sponsored adoptions. We have helped birth parents in making decisions on what is best for the adoption process. Trenna S. Parker Law Office is here to help you with your adoption needs. Let us assist you with navigating the legal process necessary to finalize your adoption.

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Adoption is the action or fact of legally taking another’s child and bringing it up as one’s own. An adoption is intended to be a permanent change of the parentage of the child. Over 135,000 children are adopted in the United States each year.

Adoptive parents and birth parents should educate themselves before starting the Adoption Process. For parents who want to adopt a child, adoption may be their only hope for having children in their family. For those parents the adoption process can be emotional and rewarding. However, becoming an adoptive parent comes with all the joys, heartache, laughter, frustration, responsibilities and rights that a birth parent would experience with a child. Adoptive parents should consider talking to an attorney before starting the adoption process. It would also be beneficial to read books, blogs and articles, maybe talk with other adoptive parents and possibly seek advice from a family therapist. 

For birth parents, adoption may give them a chance to move in a different direction in their life while still giving their child the very best opportunity possible. Placing a child up for adoption is not an easy decision to make. Birth parents can experience a variety of emotions as well. These parents can also choose from different types of adoptions such as a closed adoption, open adoption or semi-open adoption. Birth parents can also negotiate a Post Adoption Contact Agreement in some situations.  It is important for birth parents to discuss what options are available to them with an attorney before deciding how to move forward.

Both adoptive parents and birth parents should understand that the adoption process takes time and has specific requirements that must be met before finalization. Each situation is different and the steps necessary to complete the adoption process depend upon your legal relationship to the child.  For example, if you are a Foster Parent, the adoption process looks quite different from that of a step-parent or relative adoption. When you adopt from the foster care system in Indiana, your adopted child may be eligible for adoption subsidies which are negotiated by your attorney with the Department of Child Services. Additionally, your child may be eligible for Medicaid and reimbursement for attorney fees in the amount of $1,500 per child.  In Indiana alone, there are approximately 9,294 children in the foster care system who are waiting for adoptive families.

Becoming A Forever Family

When you open your heart & home through adoption, you’re making a commitment that will last forever. Although it is an important decision that requires considerable thought and discussion, adoption is a wonderful and special way to grow a family.

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Make your new family a reality with the least amount of stress.  We help educate our clients and advocate for them regardless of age, family size, religious affiliation, or income.  We also obtain the legal documentation necessary to ensure that your special adoption day is a smooth and joyous occasion.