Divorce, also called dissolution of marriage, is the process of terminating a marriage or marital union.  Divorce, and the issues that accompany the dissolution of a marriage, are always unique; as unique as each of our clients. To us at Trenna S. Parker Law Office, there is no standard “run of the mill divorce.” Most people never contemplate getting divorced at the time they get married. Severing that link can be an emotional, and sometimes painful, event. For many people, it can be difficult to envision what your future will be like after divorce.

Fear of the unknown and a contentious relationship with your spouse can make the dissolution process very stressful. Fortunately, it can often be made easier by having an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to help you along the way. Trenna S. Parker Law Firm, PC, believes that conflict resolution should be the number one priority in each divorce in order to help reduce the negative effects of separation on the parties, the children, and their family members. 

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Indiana is a no-fault state, which means that the reasons for the breakdown of the marriage are irrelevant to the court.  The role of the court is to divide the marital estate equally between the two parties and, if necessary, decide who will have custody, parenting time and issues of child support.  However, the parties to a dissolution need not ever go to court in many cases.  Mediation is required by nearly every county in the central Indiana area in dissolution proceedings prior to a final hearing being held. 

Truthfully, family law matters rarely belong in the courtroom. The judge is the one person that knows the least about you and your particular family situation. You know the best possible arrangements for parenting time and custody and how the division of assets should best be handled.  Mediation provides the parties with the opportunity to be creative and come up with out of the box solutions to their particular family situation.  Often mediated agreements last longer and are less frustrating for the parties. As an attorney in mediation, our role is to assist you to ensure that you understand your legal rights and the legal impact of any decision you might be inclined to make.  Should mediation fail, then the judge will make the final decision in the courtroom.  However, should mediation be successful, you may never have to step foot in the courtroom at all. 

The process of filing for divorce includes meeting jurisdictional requirements, the actual filing for divorce, dividing marital property and debt, and often child custody and child support. In addition to a final division of assets and debts accumulated during the marriage, the process of dissolving a marriage can involve Custody, Parenting Time, Child Support, Emancipation, Spousal Maintenance, valuation of real, personal and/or business property, dissipation of assets, name changes, tax filings, college expenses and more.

When certain decisions need to be made in order to manage the marital estate and handle child related issues, a Preliminary Agreement or Order may be necessary to determine the rights and responsibilities of the parties during the pendency of the dissolution.  Such things that often need to be determined before the divorce is final are such things as who will pay the mortgage, the utilities, the car payment, etc.  These are things that can’t wait until the dissolution is final. If you are considering filing for divroce it is very important that you are as prepared as possible. Talking to an attorney will help you better understand the divorce process, your rights and your responsibilities.  

Each part of the divorce process is a collaborative effort between the client and attorney in order to achieve the most desirable outcome with the least expense and conflict as possible. The attorneys and the staff at Trenna Parker Law Office, PC, understand that our clients experience a wide range of emotions when faced with the possibility of divorce.  Often we are meeting new clients at one of their lowest points imaginable. It is our belief that legal representation should go hand in hand with a caring approach to help our clients through such a difficult process. 

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The decision to end a marriage is one that cannot be taken lightly.  There are emotional and financial considerations whenever a couple decides that they no longer want to be married.  Untangling finances, loss of friendships, separating memories and belongings can be difficult and parties need to be aware of what a court can and cannot do. 

Indiana utilizes a one-pot approach to dividing marital assets and liabilities.  Essentially everything is thrown in there and we give half to each side.  There are reasons, however, that the Court can and should deviate from that presumption of 50/50 split and an experienced family law attorney can help you navigate the pitfalls and advise you how to achieve your maximum benefit.

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At Trenna S. Parker Law Office we have registered family law mediators as well as experienced family law attorneys who can help you with your divorce.  Each part of the process is a collaborative effort between the client and attorney to achieve the most desirable outcome with the least expense and conflict as possible.