With the COVID-19 virus (or Coronavirus) forcing many people to quarantine or people taking it upon themselves to social distance, the legal field will also be taking a different path. Those in need of legal services will need new options for consultations with legal professionals. We will need options for conferences with current clients, other counsel, the court, etc. We will need options for mediations and settlement conferences.

As a result, Trenna S. Parker Law Office began to brainstorm about how we can continue to provide potential clients with free consultations and/or continued legal services. How we can accommodate our current clients and continue working on their case even if their hearing has been continued? How we can communicate with other counsel and the court? How can we hold mediations and settlement conferences while keeping social distancing or quarantine in mind?  In an effort to protect ourselves as well as our clients and surrounding community, we had to think outside of the traditional legal-field box for new and innovative methods of providing necessary legal consultation to our clients and community at large.

Our office already utilizes web-based informational tools: we have email, Facebook, Twitter, and our website. Using email and Facebook, you can message back and forth between attorney and client. While potential and current clients can reach us through our website or via telephone, we also understand there are people that need more than that, they need to see a face not just hear a voice.

Video conferencing is our answer. Skype, Google Meets, and Zoom are all options we have available here at Trenna S. Parker Law Office. Skype, Google Meets (Google Hangouts) and Zoom are all free apps that can be downloaded to your device. These options will allow us to video conference with current clients, potential clients, other attorneys, and even the courts.  The process is simple, all you need is a smartphone, laptop, tablet or computer that has a camera and microphone capability.

Initial consultations can take place through one of the various video conferencing tools.  Client meetings, settlement conferences, and even mediations can continue despite the inability to meet together in person through the use of this technology as well.  If a potential client calls us on the phone, we can immediately send them a link via email or text message to join in on a video conference and proceed with an initial consultation. If a current client wants to proceed with their mediation session but cannot leave their home, we can send video conference invites at the time of their mediation session and they will be in a video conference with the attorney and mediator.

Even though the Covid-19 virus has forced social distancing and quarantine, people still need legal advice. Clients will still want to proceed with their cases. Our legal needs don’t just go away because of a virus. If you need to talk to an attorney contact us at 317-773-2993 or via email at office@tsplawoffice.com. Trenna S. Parker Law Office is here for you!