Indiana has been placed under a Stay-At-Home-Order. In these uncertain times, more questions than ever have come up regarding parenting time and parenting time exchanges.  Over the past week, the Indy Bar sponsored two Live Updates in regards to Family Law.  These live updates featured several judges from Marion, Hamilton, and Hendricks counties discussing the current Covid-19 pandemic, the movement restrictions and how they might apply to our everyday lives when we have to share our children with another parent.

Essentially, the shelter in place restrictions that have been put in place allows for parenting time exchanges with a few exceptions.  As long as you are within Indiana, you shall continue to exercise parenting time exchanges as long as the exchanges can continue without undue exposure to others.  Should you have a supervised parenting time order in place, parenting time will depend upon whether a supervisor is available in compliance with the social distancing guidelines.  You may be able to meet at a local park and spend time with your child while the supervisor maintains his/her distance.  However, should the supervised parenting time not be able to take place, virtual methods of parenting time shall be used.  Whether that is through Facetime, Skype, Facebook messenger, Zoom, Google Hangouts, or any other virtual tool.

The main thing to keep in mind is what the purpose of the social distancing guidelines are intended to serve.  The goal is to minimize risk while balancing your parenting time with your children.  As long as no one in a particular household is under a quarantine or are exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms, then exchanges should continue.  If the exchange can’t take place because someone has been exposed and is exhibiting symptoms or has been diagnosed with Covid-19, then virtual parenting time shall be used until it is safe to resume parenting time exchanges.

This is not a time to use the social distancing to your advantage.  Remember, what is in the best interest of your CHILD is of importance. Making sure they can continue to spend time with both parents while staying safe and healthy is key.

If you have any questions or concerns about your parenting time call us at 317-773-2993 for a free consultation. Also, Neutral Ground Solutions, LLC is providing adapted supervised parenting time services for families seeking resources. Families will meet at A Family’s Place located at 1058 S. 10th Street, Noblesville, IN, 46060 and the cost per hour is $25. Facilitators will be present to allow access to the facility, will remain present during visitation, create a participation document, and clean the facility prior to the next appointment.

These services are being offered as an emergency response to families who may not be able to continue their current parenting time arrangements due to no fault of their own. Families can call the numbers below to complete an on-the-spot phone intake for admission to the program.

Please call the following numbers to sign up for services or get more information:
(317) 417-2631
(317) 773-2993